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ASCE Mid-Continent Student Conference

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ASCE Mid-Continent Student Conference

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Southern Illinois University Carbondale (SIUC) is excited to host tomorrow’s engineering leaders from universities in the Midwest for this year’s Mid-Continent Student Conference (MCSC) on the 19th -21st of April. As the event draws near, we are in the process of raising funds to ensure our conference is a success.

The Mid-Continent Student Conference is an annual event sponsored by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and coordinated by students of the host chapter. The MCSC brings together many of the ASCE-Student Chapters throughout the Midwest.  At this conference schools will be given a chance to gain valuable hands-on experience by competing in Concrete Canoe, Steel Bridge, Geo-Wall Design and a technical paper on today’s most challenging subjects. These competitions not only help students refine technical abilities but also develop team building and leadership skills which are rarely taught in the classroom.


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Every year, one school has the honor to host the ASCE Mid-Continent Student Conference. This year, more than 500 civil engineering, college and high school students throughout the Midwest will gather at Southern Illinois University Carbondale to compete, learn, network, and make lifelong friends. However, SIUC does not only want this conference to be a success for the students, but also for the professionals and companies that have helped make the conference possible. This year the conference will be hosting a networking session of all the companies that have provided donations, giving them an opportunity to reach out to some of the best students in the Midwest. The conference will be hosting PDH hours provided by the ASCE St. Louis Chapter for the professionals in attendance.

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The Steel Bridge Competition will bring more than fifteen teams from across the Midwest competing for a chance to showcase their hard work at the National Student Steel Bridge Competition. These teams will spend their entire school year designing and fabricating a steel bridge that is over 20-feet long, with the lightest weight possible, to hold over 2000 pounds, with minimal deflection. This challenge will push students to expand their practical knowledge of engineering, build championship-caliber teams, and put their work ethic to the test. The Steel Bridge Competition produces graduates that have hands-on experience in the field of structural engineering and are ready to tackle new and difficult challenges in the work place.

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The Concrete Canoe Competition produces some of the highest performing teams in all of the engineering competitions. At the Mid-Continent Conference, more than fifteen teams from the Midwest will battle for first place and their chance to sail to the West Coast and compete in the national competition. Every year teams around the nation spend their entire school year designing a concrete canoe that is fast and lighter than water. On top of the competitive canoe races the teams present on the fabrication and design of their canoe. The National Concrete Canoe Competition gives students the communication and presentation skills to take on any project in the work field.

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Some of the most difficult challenges in engineering come from geotechnical and foundation design. The Geo-wall competition is designed to push students to attack these challenges head on. In the Geo-Wall competition, teams will have to design a retaining wall that can hold 60 pounds of sand using only craft paper. Problem solving with a limited budget and scarce material is one of the many traits developed through this competition. Students that compete in the Geo-wall competition are the future engineers who will be solving tomorrow’s major problems.

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