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Sankofa Celebration

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The Sankofa Event is a celebration – of those who went before me, in blood and in spirit, believing in me, protecting me, teaching me and confirming me. It is my celebration of those who allowed me to “lead them, and guide them along the way,” as they learned to believe in themselves as much as I believed in them. The Event is, perhaps, the most glorious possible moment for all of us to rejoice in the presence of one other – seeing the promises fulfilled; renewing our commitment to teach the strategies of liberation that can only be accomplished by strong faith, hope, and love. And above all else, in gratitude.

-Father Brown SJ, Ph.D.

As part of the Sankofa Event Celebration, a Scholarship has been set up to honor the ministerial and academic career of Rev. Joseph A. Brown SJ, Ph.D. The scholarship is named after his parents Floyd and Arralean Brown.  They planted and nurtured his deep commitment to studying African American culture and how it has been defining challenge of "American" and modern world culture.  

The purpose of the Floyd and Arralean Brown Transcendence Scholarship is to be able to assist undergraduate students at the beginning of the semester to help with costs associated with tuition and fees while enrolled at Southern Illinois University.  

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