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Empower Saluki Female Student-Athletes

Empower Saluki Female Student-Athletes

Empower Saluki Female Student-Athletes

Empower Saluki Female Student-Athletes


The Women’s Initiatives Fund is dedicated to support female student-athletes and seeks to elevate the stature of our women’s programs. Some of SIU’s most successful programs feature female student-athletes and female coaches. Saluki Athletics prides itself as a beacon of equality.

We plan to further invest in our female student-athletes through professional development and career guidance for life after athletics. Saluki Athletics is dedicated to bridging the funding gap that faces many women’s programs.

Built on a strong foundation of history and Saluki pride, our women’s programs are always striving for new heights. By doing so we honor the example set by Dr. Charlotte West, who spent four decades leading and coaching SIU’s female student-athletes and championing equality through Title IX. Ensuring that Saluki Athletics remains a bastion of equality is at the heart of our mission.

Over the next four years, our goal is to raise private support for student-athletes and the programs, facilities, coaching and other initiatives that contribute to their success and build awareness and pride for Southern Illinois University Carbondale.


SPREAD THE WORD. Building a strong community of supporters is paramount for this initiative. Word of mouth is a strong factor when spreading our message. After making a gift, we encourage donors to share their story with others via social media.

VOLUNTEER. Our Academic Center is working to create more opportunities for our student-athletes to connect with alumni through mentorship and informational interview opportunities. An engaged alumni base is vital and allows us to connect student-athletes to other successful female Salukis.

INVEST. To lift the level of competitiveness for SIU women’s athletics, we must fully fund scholarships, student-athlete experiences, team travel, technology upgrades and so much more. We hope to ensure that we’re meeting the needs of all our female student-athletes.


By donating to the Women’s Initiatives Fund, you’re supporting our mission and the dedication of our student-athletes, coaches and staff. Together, we can strengthen our support of our female student-athletes.

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