Saluki Student-Athlete Well-Being

Saluki Student-Athlete Well-Being


The Student-Athlete Well-Being Fund is dedicated to holistically supporting our student-athletes during their time here. The efforts of our Sports Medicine, Strength & Conditioning, and Equipment Teams ensure that our student-athletes are safe during and outside of competition. These three areas are crucial to the success of our department and operate programs such as our athletic training, nutrition, and equipment safety.  

Over the next four years, our goal is to raise private support for student-athletes and the programs, facilities, coaching and other initiatives that contribute to their success and build awareness and pride for Southern Illinois University Carbondale.


SPORTS MEDICINE. Having a strong sports medicine program is crucial to the success of our athletic department. Our athletic trainers are part of each and every program attending practices and competition making sure our student-athletes stay safe and healthy.

STRENGTH & CONDITIONING. Our strength and conditioning coaches are part of every staff here in the department. Not only do they assist in making our student-athletes stronger, they run our fueling stations, and organize team meals. 

EQUIPMENT. Our equipment staff are on the front lines of ensuring our student-athletes have everything they need to be successful during practice and in competition. Not only do they order equipment, but they maintain everything the team needs to   

By donating to the Student-Athlete Well-Being Fund, you’re supporting our mission and the dedication of our student-athletes, coaches and staff. Together, we can strengthen our support of our student-athletes and the staff who support them.

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