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To compete in the Missouri Valley Football Conference, one of the country’s toughest conferences, Saluki Football needs your help. It’s important that we attract top athletes, maintain coaching continuity and offer our players the amenities expected of a top-tier program. The student-athletes we rally around during football season represent SIU all year as outstanding academic students and involved community members.

Built on a strong foundation of history and Saluki pride, our football team is always striving to reach new heights. To help our program grow and thrive, we must depend on passionate investors who understand the need for continuous advancement to recruit and develop student-athletes who compete for championships.

We need private support to fund initiatives that contribute to the program’s success and build awareness and pride for Southern Illinois University Carbondale.


SCHOLARSHIPS. Saluki Football is dedicated to bringing the best student-athletes to SIU. Through scholarships, we build a community of diverse, successful Salukis who act as ambassadors for the university. Our student-athletes are role models in the community and the classroom.

OPERATIONS. From recruiting to training to competition and beyond, there are countless moving pieces underpinning the smooth and effective operation of Saluki Football. Every link in the complex operational chain, including support staff and coaching staff for our student-athletes, is important to overall success.

FACILITIES. Saluki Football is blessed with many high-level, state-of-the-art facilities, but the need to upgrade is always on the horizon. Maintaining our existing facilities and preparing for the future requires regular investment.

By donating to Saluki Football, you’re supporting our mission and the dedication of our student-athletes, coaches and staff. Together, we can strengthen and protect the future of our program.

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