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Saluki Cares Student Emergency Fund

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Your dollars at work

April 16, 2020

Once again we wanted to thank our donors for supporting our students through the Saluki Cares Student Emergency Fund.  As you will see below your dollars are really helping Salukis continue their education through food, shelter, and technology needs.  So thank you once again!  Every dollar helps! So far during the COVID-19 pandemic we have:

  • Assisted over 2000 requests for assistance by our students
  • Distributed over 800 boxes of emergency food supplies to students
  • Distributed over 100 laptops 
  • Assisted 30 students with internet access
  • Provided troubleshooting advice for community access to internet to several hundred students
  • Currently Processing over $150,000 in emergency grant applications
  • Assisted 40 single parent students with diapers, baby food, and infant care hygiene items
  • Processing over 300 emergency fund requests from students for items such as rent, utilities, medicine, books, transportation

A special thank you featuring your Marching Salukis

April 14, 2020

Thank you for your gift to the Saluki Cares Student Emergency Fund. Together, through this effort, we have helped 1,800 students during unprecedented times by supplying them with food, support for rent and utilities, technology (including laptops and wifi) and other basic resources necessary to continue their education. 


You are the difference between students having to put their studies on hold or staying on track to graduate. In these times, when social distancing is keeping us physically apart, you are showing our students that we are still together in spirit.  With your support, we have raised more than $236,000 from more than 1,050 donors -- all to benefit students.  Help us raise awareness by sharing this project on social media.


Now get on your feet and clap your hands as the Marching Salukis collaborate from their homes (during social distancing) to play Go! Southern Go! 

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