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National Student Steel Bridge Competition

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National Student Steel Bridge Competition

Dear Potential Sponsor:

Every year, more than 220 universities compete in the AISC Student Steel Bridge Competition (SSBC) and 45 teams advance to compete for the national championship. Southern Illinois University Carbondale (SIUC) is honored to host the SSBC Nationals Finals 2019. The brightest structural engineering students in the nation will compete in Carbondale on May 31st and June 1st. As with the regionals, the national competition is coordinated by the students of the host school. Our team started raising funds to ensure that SIUC will host the most memorable competition in the history of this program. This is the first time SIUC is hosting the national competition and is an opportunity to put SIUC engineering on the map with premier engineering programs.

The SSBC is an annual event sponsored by the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC). The SSBC National Finals brings together the winners of 18 Regional Events throughout the US to compete for the top spot in the nation. At this competition, schools will be given a chance to gain valuable hands-on experience by designing, fabricating, and erecting steel bridges that follow a set of rules published by AISC. This competition not only helps students refine their technical abilities but also develop team building and leadership skills, which are essential for the students to be successful engineers in this competitive world market.

We invite you to partner with us and sponsor SIUC as the SSBC National Finals host. By providing financial support, your company has the opportunity to reach over 700 young engineers. Your contribution will help students to hone necessary technical and leadership skills by covering SIUC’s cost of facility rentals, registration packets, awards, meals, and equipment rentals. With your help, we can create an experience that will drive students to become the designers, consultants, and leaders this world needs.

Enclosed is a form that explains the sponsorship program. Please see the information sheet accompanying this letter. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact us.  Thank you for your consideration and generosity.



Mansor Sufran

SSBC Hosting Committee

Southern Illinois University Carbondale



Become a Sponsor

We would like to help SIUC make the Student Steel Bridge Competition National Finals a success by participating as a:


To guarantee the benefits above for our sponsors, donations must be received by April 1st, 2019. Any donations received after this date may not guarantee all benefits.


*Maroon sponsors have the option of becoming a primary event sponsor and receive the following:

  • Exclusive Large banners and signage with the company’s desired design on it during the specific event time.
  • Company’s representative has the opportunity to present opening remarks for their event.
  • Everything included in the sponsorship level on the previous page.
  • There will only be one primary sponsor per event.

Note: Donors are only able to sponsor one event and each event will have only one sponsor. If multiple sponsors choose the same event, the sponsor who donated first will become the primary sponsor for that event.  The other sponsor will then be contacted to choose another preferred event.

List of events:

  • Display of bridges / Networking session (Friday afternoon)
  • Social event (Friday night)
  • Bridge main competition day (Saturday all day)
  • Banquet (Saturday night)




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